Mandisa – Lifeline Lyrics

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Lifeline Lyrics by Mandisa

Here I am drowning in
A sea of my own choices
Holding to hope by a thread

I’m looking ‘round, I’m calling out
Fear pulls me down
When the waters rush over my head

You are my lifeline
You are my rescue
Strength in my weakness
Light in my darkness
You are my safety
Lifter of my head
The air that I need when I can’t seem to breathe in
You are my lifeline
You are my lifeline

How many times, how many turns
Will it take ‘til I learn
You reach for me in my need

And when I cry I know that I’ll
Faithfully find You
When life comes crashing on me

You’re there in my brokenness, in my distress
My rock when I’m strong or when I’m powerless
You hold me in rushing tides when waters rise
And I’ll always find


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