Mandisa – Temporary Fills Lyrics

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Temporary Fills Lyrics by Mandisa

People going on and on
They don’t know what they got wrong
This world won’t keep you satisfied
They say you gotta buy this, wear this, drive that car
‘Cause that’s the kind of thing that makes you who you are
But don’t keep throwing that my way

No more temporary fills
I want a love that’s real
Take everything I have, and fill me up inside
I’m done looking for the quick fix
Jesus, Your love
Your love
Is all I ever I need, no more temporary fills

I’ve turned every rock and stone
Gone everywhere there was to go
But I only felt better for a while
‘Cause nothing can replace You, erase You from my heart
And that’s the kind of thing that makes You who You are
You’re the reason I can say

Nothing temporary
Could ever make me feel the way You do
‘Cause what You’ve given to me
I know that it will last my whole life through


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