Mandisa – What If We Were Real Lyrics

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What If We Were Real Lyrics by Mandisa

Well, I’m tired of saying everything I feel like I’m supposed to say
I’m tired of smiling all the time, I wanna throw the mask away
Sometimes you just have a bad day
Sometimes you just wanna scream
Tell me I’m not the only one
Tell me that you feel just like me

We keep trying
To make it look so nice
And we keep hiding
What’s going on inside
But what if I share my brokenness
What if you share how you feel
What if we weren’t afraid of this crazy mess
What if we were real

I’m over hiding my tears, I think I’m gonna let ‘em go
I’m over acting so strong when I ain’t even in control
We make it so complicated
But why does it have to be
Why can’t we open our hearts
And let everybody see

We’d think a little less of ourselves
We’d care about somebody else
‘Cause we’d know just how they feel
Maybe we could let someone love us
Maybe we’d be a little more like Jesus
Why can’t we learn to be real


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