Where Can I Go Lirik & Chord

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Music & Lyrics: Umbu Kaborang, Sidney Mohede, Sara Excellent, Nadine Manoe, Lukas Guntur, Kenny Goh, Joshua Tremonti
Worship Leader: John Luki & Violyint

Wrestling with answers
I can’t seem to find
As I stand now
Failed to rely on
the strength of my own
But I know now

Choose to believe
in the things I don’t see
As I wait now
You are my God
and your Word will remain
I surrender

You’re here
With me

Where can I go now from Your love?
From the wings of the dawn
To the ends of the sea
I surrender to Your love
You will never let go
You hold me!
Jesus, I’m found in You
Jesus, I’m found in You

There’s no escaping You
Where can I go?
Where can I go?
Forever I’m found in You
You are with me
You are with me

Copyright @2016 JPCC Worship / Insight Unlimited Publishing

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Verse :
[chord c]    Wrestling With Answers
I Can’t Seem To [chord am]Find
As I [chord f]Stand Now
[chord c]    Failed To Rely On
The Strength Of My [chord am]Own
But I [chord f]Know Now   [chord c]     [chord am]     [chord f]

Verse :
[chord c]    Choose To Believe
In The Things I Don’t[chord am] See
As I [chord f]Wait Now
[chord c]    You Are My God
And Your Word Will Re[chord am]main
I Sur[chord f]render

Pre-Chorus :
[chord am]    You’re [chord f]Here
[chord am]    With [chord f]Me

Chorus :
Where Can I [chord c]Go Now From Your[chord g] Love?
From The [chord am]Wings Of The Dawn
To The [chord f]Ends Of The Sea

I Sur[chord c]render To Your[chord g] Love
You Will [chord am]Never Let Go
You [chord f]Hold Me!    [chord c]
[chord f](Jesus, I’m Found In[chord c] You)

[chord f]Jesus, I’m Found In [chord dm]You [chord f]      [chord c]      [chord g]

Bridge :
[chord dm]There’s No Escaping You  [chord f]
[chord c]Where Can I Go?
[chord g]Where Can I Go?
For[chord dm]ever I’m Found In You[chord f]
You Are [chord c]With Me
[chord g]You Are [chord g]With Me

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