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Recaptured Lyrics by Flame

Man my heart is heavy/I feel a lot of pain
It’s been awhile now/Since ya’ll have heard from Flame
But God has been rocking your boy
But at the same time/I see Satan’s plot to destroy
And I know I ain’t the only one/For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
And Satan tried to knock Him too/But when they knocked the nails in His hands Colossians 2
And 15/And yet I still see a common theme
That’s plaguing adults/And it’s plaguing the teens
When Jesus died/He did more than just give us some help
So help me understand/Why we still living for self
We live for our families/For our money and cause
We live for our happiness/For our pleasure is lord
But ain’t we seen yet/That that just doesn’t work
Living for self/Can only lead to dozens of hurts
squeezing my heart/Like a stethoscope
We’re taking steps towards death/But looking for hope
Because we were captured by sin
We were seized/And now we need to be captured again
That’s why we need to pick them Scriptures up
Start praying and fasting/And ask the Father to forgive us of
Forgive us of laziness/Forgive us Lord of our pride
Forgive us of worldliness/Forgive us/Cleanse us up inside
Cleanse us Lord from telling lies/Cleanse us from our selfishness
Cleanse us from our fear of man/We need more help in this
We confess our lack of love/We confess selfish ambition
We confess to You our lust/Oh Lord bring us to repentance

See we were captured by sin
We were seized/Now we need to be captured again
And captured again/And captured again/And captured again/And captured again

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