God is Able

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Lirik lagu God is Able by Symphony Worship – Album Love to Worship You

Hear the sound of heaven
Calling out our every names
Salvation has come

Hear the sound of heaven
Lifting up your every pains
Salvation has come

Let the redeemed rejoice

God is able
He’s more than able
To open the gates of heaven
Just believe

Chains are broken and set His people free
Something great is going to happen
Our God is able

If you just believe
Our God is able

I can do all things through Christ
Who gives me strength
and gives me hope
I believe in You
I believe in You

G  Em  D  C 
G  Em  D  C

Verse 1:

I can See Your Touch
 D		    Em	
In Every Part Of My Life
You Help Me To Walk By Faith
              Am  D
And Thrust In You Alone

Verse 2:

I Can See Your Plans
      D                  Em
You're Faithfull In Every Season
More Than My Eyes Can See
            Am      D
More Than My Heart's Desire


For God Is Able
Now All Things Are Posible
For Under His Perfect Will
Everything Shall Come True

Victory Is Here
Let This Faith Arise In Me
He's My Breakthrough
   D         G
For My God Is Able

Verse 1:
           G              D      Em
Tuhan yang  s'lalu berkarya dalam hidupku
      C                    Am    D
Ajakku jalan dengan iman didalam Yesus
   G          D            Em
Kau menetapkan rencana yang terindah
     C         Am        D
Penuh kemuliaan dan penuh pengharapan

           G           Am
S'bab Tuhan mampu, maka semuanya mungkin
           D                 G
S'bab Tuhan berkehendak, maka semuanya jadi

Em              Am
Kemenangan pasti bisa terjadi
       C       D            G
Mujizat terjadi kar'na Tuhan mampu