Heart After You City Harvest Church Chord dan Lirik

Chord Heart After You (City Harvest Church)
Key : C

Verse :
C                    F/A
Create In Me A New Heart
C                          F/A
One That Follows You
G             Am    Dsus4 D
Place In Me A Deep Desire
G                            C        F
To Know You As I’m Known

C                    F/A
Set My Feet In Your Ways
C                              F/A
To Live Worthy Of Your Call
G               Am                 Dsus4 D
Draw Me Near To You Lord
Every Single Day

Chorus :
C C/E F                    G/F            Am
I Just Want To Be More Like You
Bb                      F/A        G
Walk With You Beside Me
C/E                        F
Lord, Won’t You Be My Guide
G                                Am
Place Your Heart Inside My Soul
A Heart That’s Ever True
G                            C
One That’s After You

Music :
Am G/B C C/E F 4x

Ending :
C                F
All I Desire
Am                        F
A Heart After You
C/E            F
All I Desire
Am                   G
A Heart After You

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