Love to Worship You Chord & Lirik

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Love to Worship You Chord & Lirik

Symphony Worship Album : Love To Worship You

Lirik lagu  Love to Worship by Symphony Worship – Album Love to Worship You

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Key : [chord g]

My [chord a]heart longs to worship [chord f#m]You
My [chord bm]soul longs to see You, Je[chord e]sus
[chord c#]You [chord c#/f]alone are the [chord f#m]King [chord e]of my li[chord d]fe
You’re the [chord bm]most high
My [chord e]God

My [chord a]heart longs to serve You [chord f#m]Lord
My [chord bm]desire longs to please You [chord e]Jesus
[chord c#]You [chord c#/f]alone are my [chord f#m]hope [chord e]and my str[chord d]ength
You’re the [chord bm]most high
My [chord e]God

I [chord a]wor[chord e/g#]ship [chord f#m]You
[chord f#bb]Jesus, I[chord bm] wor[chord a]ship [chord e/g#]You
With [chord f#m]all of my [chord e/g#]heart and [chord a]all of my [chord d]soul
I [chord bm]love You
I [chord e]love to worship [chord a]You

Let Your [chord a]Spirit, [chord f#m]fill this place
Sweet [chord bm]Spirit, [chord e]fill my heart
Let Your [chord a]presence [chord f#m]fill this place
As we [chord bm]worship You
As we [chord e]worship You

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My heart longs to worship You
My soul longs to see You, Jesus
You alone are the King of my life
You’re the most high
My God

My heart longs to serve You Lord
My desire longs to please You Jesus
You alone are my hope and my strength
You’re the most high
My God

I worship You
Jesus, I worship You
With all of my heart and all of my soul
I love You
I love to worship You

Let Your Spirit, fill this place
Sweet Spirit, fill my heart
Let Your presence fill this place
As we worship You
As we worship You

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