Mandisa – These Days Lyrics

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These Days Lyrics by Mandisa

I never liked Mondays
Or bad news
Or breaking in new shoes
And mornings when I can’t find my phone

Nobody likes traffic or short nights
Or sit-ups or long flights
But sometimes
That’s just the way it goes

It’s funny what You use to help me grow

So I’ll learn to love these days
Life along the way
In the middle
Of the crazy
God, Your love is so amazing
Through the ups and downs
You’re the only hope I’ve found
Lord, You meet me
In the madness
So I’ll learn to love these days

I can see a silver lining
When the sun’s not shining
Even when You
Choose to bring the rain

Oh, but there’s freedom believing
And trusting Your leading
‘Cause You’re Lord of all my joy
And all my pain

I could waste the hundred years You gave me here
The days when You were near, the days when I was out there
Looking for what comes next
‘Cause every minute, every hour, everyday is such a gift, and I’m content
I’m thankful for each breath