Philmont – “Closer” Lyrics

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Closer by Philmont

They have calculated outcomes we just pray the numbers lied
it’s all calm here on the surface but a war rages inside
and she lays still tonight

pull me closer while I count the days
until I see your face
until I look into your eyes
when I’m tired you can carry me
until I see your face
until I look into your eyes

we can fire back
another plan of attack
something to tip the scales in our favor again
if were expecting less
we just allow the glass to drain empty through the cracks in the bottom
and wash away
don’t wash away tonight

this is life
and I am passing through
but this world has been caught lying about what it is I’m here to do
this is life
it’s mine to waste or use
but it’s time that I decided
it’s time for me to choose
cause who am I
that you would die to prove
that the worthless are all worth it
the curse has been removed
so this is life
and though I’m passing through
I wanna live as if I’m dying
dying to get close to you