Mandisa – Lifeline Lyrics

Lifeline Lyrics by Mandisa Here I am drowning inA sea of my own choicesHolding to hope by a thread I’m […]

Mandisa – Free Lyrics

Free Lyrics by Mandisa F-R-E-E, FreeF-R-E-E, FreeF-R-E-E, FreeGonna tell the world what He did for me Don’t worry, don’t cryThat’s […]

Mandisa – Just Cry Lyrics

Just Cry Lyrics by Mandisa Why you gotta act so strongGo ahead, and take off your brave faceWhy you telling […]

Mandisa – Say Goodbye Lyrics

Say Goodbye Lyrics by Mandisa To the voice, to the liar in the mirrorSaying you can’t ever changeTo the guilt […]

Mandisa – These Days Lyrics

These Days Lyrics by Mandisa I never liked MondaysOr bad newsOr breaking in new shoesAnd mornings when I can’t find […]